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My portfolio is almost done and i’ll start feeding RSS feeds to my portfolio using this blog! The portfolio is currently available at sit.rp.edu.sg/83415. Its not finished yet, but its almost there. I might also start my own YouTube channels for multimedia tutorials using photoshop, premier pro and after effects. Do stay tune for the updates!

Woot! just came back from yet another birthday party and since WoW is down for the night thought i might feed this dying blog with some candies and milo to keep it kicking

So we all have birthdays, once every year. Personally I don’t get the big hoo hah’s about birthdays I mean come on, whats more self-indulging than celebrating yourself man, talk about nasserism pfft. Never got the whole party at my place , yay me thing. Interestingly birthdays come with presents and loads of love, that i’m looking forward to but not the whole celebration festive feeling thing.

So why celebrate them? Do we celebrate yet another year given to us in this beautiful world or is it another step to leaving this forsaken world? Interestingly I did a quick google search and looked at the different articles and most of them have this in common, it is to celebrate one’s cumulative achievements, success, resilience and progress between the years.

This social custom is definitely more than an astrological event if you put more thoughts into it, much more than the endless cycles of stars and planets, the very first pioneers who started to celebrate birthdays must have something great or something so good everyone must remember; maybe this was how festive events and holidays were birth.

So don’t belittle this important time of the year, to celebrate yourself, all the things you’ve done in the past year, the progress of your life, all the goods and bads to remember. It is like popping the sweet wine you have kept for an entire year, on that very day poured out, enjoyed by the people around you.


When I gaze into your lovely eyes

I know that this is not just lies

I’d still hold on to you ever so tight

If you ever tried to shake me with your might

Nothing could ever convince me

that you’re not the one for me

Its not just when we talk

but also even when we walk,

that you make me wana stutter

because my heart is a in a cluster

When we kiss its like “ohhhhhhh!”

you complete me,

you make me whole